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ShiZhen TCM UK Ltd business comprises of ShiZhen Wholesale and ShiZhen Clinic. ShiZhen Clinic is a modern Chinese medicine enterprise. Founded in 1993, ShiZhen TCM Ltd has two decades of development and growth. ShiZhen clinic was one of the first clinics to gain a foothold in the UK. ShiZhen Wholesale is one of the leading companies providing Chinese Medicine supplies to countries across Europe. We continue to supply authentic medicine with precision. We provide premium quality and excellent service with many long-standing Chinese and Non-Chinese customers across Europe.

ShiZhen Wholesale customers know they can trust us to deliver the highest quality products. All of our herbs pass through our rigorous selection, ensuring only the best quality products are received by our customers. All our herbs conform to strict heavy metal and pesticide residue regulations and follow rigorous processing guidelines. Always in stock, of high quality and at reasonable prices, ShiZhen Wholesale’s Herbs are the definitive choice.

In addition to an extensive range of own-brand herbs, ShiZhen is also the exclusive UK distributor of Taiwan’s Koda brand of high-quality single herb concentrate powder. With nearly 400 powders, all of which have Taiwan GMP certification, ShiZhen is the leading supplier of powdered herbs in the European market.

ShiZhen Wholesale also has a full range of disposable sterile acupuncture needles as well as a complete range of clinical supplies.

We also stock a comprehensive range of Chinese high-grade green tea and other functional teas.


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